time slows down

From Il Verbano we live the Island to the fullest, and are witness to the slow passage of time, as we spend the entire day here.

From the earliest hours of dawn, from breakfast to lunch served in the cool garden with its spectacular view. Then there’s the aperitif, as the lake takes on a red hue during a spectacular sunset. But the true magic happens in the evening, when the tourists leave the Island and only a handful of people remain: the atmosphere of dinner becomes intimate and exclusive, as guests are enchanted by the reflection of the moon in the mirror-like water of the lake.

our horizon

Accompanying this experience you will find the most characteristic flavors of our territory to be savored in the simplicity of traditional recipes or the refinement of contemporary reinterpretations of chef Marco Sacco’s cuisine.

Sitting at the table is like browsing through a book, page after page, dish after dish, discovering the know-how and flavors preserved between the shores of the lake.