Il Verbano
in an authentic location


an authentic Island

Isola dei Pescatori, in the heart of the Borromeo Gulf on Lake Maggiore, is a true icon of other times, on a par with the most characteristic and picturesque destinations of our country.

This small, antique burg is tucked away in the corner of a remote world where time seems to have stopped.

an icon of other times

Just a few minutes by boat from Stresa to Baveno, this spot is still inhabited by fishing families, whose ties with the lake and its territory are seen in every detail.

Take a stroll through time down the narrow streets of Isola dei Pescatori past the characteristic long balconies designed for drying fish and the distinct doorsteps of the homes.

Reach us by public navigation, available depending on the schedule of the season, or by taxi boats.
If coming to Isola dei Pescatori on your own boat, our 4 buoys and transportation service with our tender are available. Contact us for more information or see the following pages:

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